About Tahoma Farms

Kim and I met on a farm in 2003, fell in love, and started Terra Organics and our own small farm in 2004 on five acres of leased land in Enumclaw. After a few years of trial and error, and a few spent in Tacoma building up the home delivery business, we purchased 40 acres of a former dairy farm in Orting, WA in 2009.

We grow fruits and veggies under the following certification systems - USDA Organic, USDA Good Agricultural Practices and Salmon Safe - because we want food that is safe for our family (Including our employees), your family, and the environment.

In addition to marketing what we grow through Terra Organics, we sell to regional wholesalers, direct to large and small retailers, through Puget Sound Food Hub and, someday soon (hopefully!) at our own farm stand.

We take great care in stewarding the land we are on and our larger natural resource base through water conservation, building soil health with cover crops and field rotations, various plantings for beneficial insect and native species habitat, and a 10kw solar array we installed in 2014.

Our vision for the farm includes a space for private and public events, where food is the centerpiece around which families and friends can gather "on the farm" - to connect with nature, to see where and how food is grown, and to gain an appreciation for the vital role that farming has played in our communities historically and into the future.

We welcome your comments and questions via the contact us page, and if you'd like to visit and meet with the farmers, just let us know.

Thank you for supporting our farm!


PCC Farmland Trust

Tahoma Farms is one of three parcels at Orting Valley Farms, a 100-acre former dairy preserved by the PCC Farmland Trust in collaboration with the Washington State Wildlife & Recreation Program and Pierce County Conservation Futures Program. In 2009, the PCC Farmland Trust secured a conservation easement on the land, ensuring that it is saved for organic production forever and making it affordable to purchase by a new generation of farmers.

PCC Farmland Trust is leading a call to action and increasing awareness about why it’s so urgent that we save what’s left of one of our most valuable natural resources: farmland. Often the farmland that is the most agriculturally valuable–flat and well-drained prime soils–is also the most desirable for development.